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Friday, 14 February 2020



Valentine's Day is here again. It's not a day to take decisions you are not sure of. It's not a day to be persuaded into doing stuffs your heart doesn't accept. It's not a day to be coerced into doing stuff you don't know anything about.
Particularly, it's not a day to spend above your means. It's not a day to dump your partner. It is also not a day that makes it compulsory to have a lover.

Cut your coat according to your size. Don't spend above your means. You mustn't be in love to show love. You can show love to others other than your partner.

Most importantly, if you are having issues with your partner, don't allow it pass today. Try and make peace between each other . Life is too short to continue quarreling. If you got someone in your life, show them how much you love them today. Love has no language. Love has no religion. Love has no race. Love has no denomination. Love has no country.

☆Happy☆ ♡Valentine's♡ ☆Day☆

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