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Monday, 23 December 2019



If you have been trying to make them love you and it's not working, please let them be. If you have been following them around, telling them you love them, showing them you love them, trying to make them fall in love with you, doing all manner of nice things to make them love you and it seems not to be working, please let them be.

You don't beg someone to love you. You don't force someone to love you. You only ask or propose or make your intentions known, and if the other person doesn't feel the same way, even after considerable time, please let them be.

There is a limit to how long you should woo someone. There is a limit to how long you should continue to work to make someone love you. Begging someone to love you may only give birth to a relationship that shouldn't be given birth to. Begging someone to love you will give birth to the following instances:

1. Love out of pity: When you continue begging someone to love you, it may give rise to making that person loving you out of pity. Anybody that loves you out of pity is into self-imprisonment. Loving out of pity is just like putting one's self into a bottle. The longer the relationship lasts the longer the chain of frustration continues. At the long run, you stand at the end of receiving the negative effects. A love that started out of pity is like a time bomb. It's just like someone pretending to be happy over an extended period of time, time will come when there will be an outburst of displeasure. When the pretender will totally be tired of faking satisfaction. At that particular time, everything goes sore, you start feeling the heat. The relationship becomes very toxic.

2. Love as a payback: This is when love is given to someone as a way to pay him or her back for a good gesture he/she displayed over an extended period of time. Love is so expensive that it cannot be bought at whatever price. No matter the good gesture one displays, no matter how nice someone had been to you, your love is too expensive to be given as a payback or payment for those gestures. When you continue working to be loved for over an unnecessary long period of time, you continue begging for your love to be reciprocated; when a love relationship starts this way, most times, it is not real. There are high chances of lack of satisfaction, lack of contentment, which might perhaps lead to an uncontrollable desire to cheat. In other words, they just accepted to be in a relationship with you not because they love you, but because you have been so good to them. They already know your intention, they know you are working to make them love you, you are so good that they can't turn you down. You have done a lot for them, and you have been begging for a long time, and they believe it will be unkind to say no to your love proposal. A relationship with this kind of background is a huge mistake. You might have gotten what you have been yearning for but you will never experience what a true love relationship is all about from that relationship.

3. Love for the moment: Here, you are accepted just for the moment. You have begged for too long that the person you are begging to accept you decided to accept you not because he/she is now in love with you but because there is nobody in their lives. You are just like something they will hold on to until the main thing they want comes their way. In other words, they don't view the relationship as something that should last long. You might be having a long term plans, but for them, they can't spend the rest of their lives with you. You are just for the moment. At the end, you will end up being dumped at that time when you think you have got it all working for you. One big problem about this kind of relationship is that you will end up getting used. You might just be there to fulfill all their selfish objectives for them.

4. Friends with benefit: Friends with benefit here means two adults/friends who decide to have sex  continuously even when they are not dating. The both of you are very close, you spend most time together even though they don't love you, at a point, you ended up having sex. You want more than sex. You want love. Love comes with commitment. They don't love you, getting committed to you will just look too tiring for them. To them, what they feel for you is not worth getting committed to you. You might be enjoying the sex, perhaps you believe they will start becoming interested in commitment as time goes on, it doesn't always work that way. The first time they had sex with you might be a mistake, but because they are comfortable with you, it continued, but that doesn't mean they love you. Sex is not love. Sex doesn't mean commitment. Time will come when they will fall in love with someone that is not you, then, all your hopes of having them as a permanent partner will be thrown into the gutters. Keeping friends with benefits most times causes unimaginable confusion even when one or both parties already got married.

5. unrequited love: unrequited love relationship is a kind of relationship where two people are in a relationship but only one person is actually in love with the other person and the relationship. In other words, only one person feels love and the love is not reciprocated. Some people end up getting married with this trend. The relationship ends up looking like 'a hell where the person in love becomes the sinner in hell, while the other partner that is not in love becomes the devil that torments the sinner'. Begging to be loved had led to most unrequited love relationships. Most marriages built on this foundation are often the types where you have a woman as an unrepentant bad wife. She can never be pleased by her husband and there will never be a moment of peace in that marriage.

In conclusion, love is not something you can beg your way into. It is very wrong to beg someone to love you. You ask to be loved. You propose to be loved. How do you do this? By making your intentions known through words and actions. If someone loves you, it shouldn't take that much time to accept your love proposal. You don't need to continue begging to make them accept you. Those who beg for love have unimaginable pain and heartbreak in stock for them. Begging to be loved is suicide. Be guided.

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