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Sunday, 1 December 2019



Love is a feeling that should be had for just one person. In other words, it is seen as an act of 'cheating' to love more than one at a time. Still, some people end up finding themselves in a relationship triangle with two people. Most times, this takes a gradual process, you just end up seeing yourself into two women or two men. Normally, you already have this particular partner whom you love so much, but you suddenly discover that there is this other person you are as much so into.

Why is this happening to you? Why does it seem you are in love with two different people? How did you end up finding yourself here?

Today we will be looking at why you are in love with two people. Some of the reasons why you are in love with two people are as explained below:

1. You rushed into a new relationship after your breakup: Sometimes, breakup is the answer or the option to most relationship issues, but the fact that some people breakup to makeup cannot be overlooked. Most times, some people don't breakup because they stopped loving, but because things weren't just working at the moment. You just broke up and you started dating someone else within a very short period of time, then the person you broke up with returned and you still love him or her, but you also love this your current partner, they are both good that you can't do away with either of them. You love your ex so much, this new person means a lot to you, so, you start dating the both of them. This wouldn't have been an issue if you took your time. This wouldn't have been an issue if you really knew what love was all about. There is something I must tell you, it is only a foolish person believes it is right to be in a love relationship at every point in his/her life. Sometimes, you need to take a break after a breakup. This will not only ensure you get the right person, it will also foster/prevent the possibility of starting again with the person you broke up with.

2. You don't know what you need: Most people that are in love with two women/men are often those who don't know what they need. They are so engrossed in their wants that they can't pay attention to their needs. If you know what you need, then you should guide yourself from getting involved with two people. The truth is just that our wants often make us cheat against our partners.

3. You weren't done with your previous relationship before entering a new one: This is a very big problem. That you don't communicate well or don't communicate at all with someone you are in a relationship with doesn't mean things had ended between the two of you. Also, that the both of you don't communicate doesn't always result to the death of your love for each other. Sometimes, you think you have stopped loving someone, but when you get to see the person again, the whole feeling starts burning again. Before you go into a new relationship, always ask yourself, 'am I sincerely done with my last relationship?' Now, someone will be asking 'how does one become sure of being done with a relationship?' To end a relationship, you should at least tell your partner clearly that you don't want to continue. It doesn't just end in words, it should have actions backing it. You should end things clearly and properly before you get into another relationship. Assuming that it is over, or not articulating the end of the relationship clearly between both parties before starting a new relationship may make you find yourself between two people.

4. You mistook other feelings for love: Most times, some people who claim to be in love are far from being in love. It could be likeness. It could be infatuation. It could also be lust. Now, when you don't have a real feeling for a partner you are involved with, then you ended up finding someone else that you are really in love with, you find yourself in a state where you will be finding it difficult to leave either of them. In this case, chances are that you mistook a particular feeling which is not love to be love. Here, you may end up keeping one partner out of pity or gratitude. To avoid this, don't be too fast to start a relationship with someone you just met. Take your time. Assess your feelings. Be sincere to yourself about what you feel.

5. Because you are cheap: Most times, cheap people are often those that end up having two people at a time. If your heart that is already beating for someone can easily start beating for another person, then your heart may be very cheap. People in this category are often moved by material things. They may not want to admit it, but the reason why they are finding it difficult to leave one of the two they are dating is because of something they get, this could be a material thing.

6. Lack of contentment: Those who are not contented with what they have will always want more. Your partner will never be tall and shot at the same time. Your partner will never be fair and dark at the same time. Your partner will never be slim and chubby at the same time. He/she will never have it all! Unless you are blind, you must see others more attractive than your partner. Being contented with what you have will make you cherish it more than bigger others, no matter how small what you have is. Until you learn to appreciate and be satisfied with your partner, you can never win against the desire to be an unrepentant cheat.

7. You lack respect: Generally, cheats are often those who lack respect for their partner and their relationship. They also have no respect for themselves. If you respect your relationship, you will want to keep it, you will avoid anything that will put its existence at risk. If you respect your partner, you will have just him/her. You will view them as being man enough or woman enough to command all of your love. If you respect yourself, you wouldn't belittle yourself to the point of being a cheat.

8. Selfishness: Some people want everything for themselves. It is just one person you have to be with, you can't have them both, but some people still can't bring themselves into allowing that person slip into another person's arm. They are so much into one of these persons they are dating, they don't love this other person enough, but they are so selfish that they still want to keep him/her. They are so selfish that they don't want to see him/her with someone else.

In conclusion, you are not doing yourself any good if you are in a relationship with two people. It is not that easy to date one. Dating two will perhaps even be more cumbersome. Still, there are some people that have fun with it, but one thing is certain, 'if you are dating two people, you are living a very confused life'.

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