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Saturday, 21 December 2019



Please hide my identity.

I am a lady. There is this friend of mine from my country, he is a muslim and I am a christian. I have been having feelings for him for a very long time, it's been over a year that I told him that I love him. I have tried all I could to make him lovxe me back, but he doesn't want to love me, he prefers we remain friends. I feel like breaking our friendship. Please advise me.

My response:

It will be a very bad idea to break your friendship with him. He is very sincere, some people may accept you even without loving you and turn you into a sex toy or a money making machine  - such a sincere friend deserves a fair treatment.

I have no concern on whether he is a muslim or a christian, but if you have tried all you could to win his love, don't you think it is time to let go? Perhaps he has a girlfriend, you never thought of that - real guys don't just leave their girlfriend to go for another woman.

Stop your love advance towards him; sometimes, the best way of getting one's attention is by losing attenting in that person, but if the attention doesn't come, be glad and  move on. If he accepts you without loving you, you will be the one to lose more. Please respect your friendship and let him be.

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