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Thursday, 7 November 2019

Why True Love Never Last

Why True Love Never Last

Can I Talk To Someone?

If your romantic/love relationship isn't a platform where you can free yourself of your ego and be vulnerable to the deepest then it's not ideal. I mean, intimacy means divulging everything about you, the freedom and liberty to be open, sincere, and real in a relationship is priceless. You'd not have to fake anything. You'd have the confidence to tell your girl that you have a flat bank account and totally broke. You'd have the boldness to tell her you haven't eaten since morning because things ain't fluffy. Now there's fulfillment in this kind of relationship.I find it highly ridiculous that some guys, even ladies lie to keep up a huge perception of themselves before their lovers. If you can't be open to your lover, who else will you be able to loosen up for?

Why even date them?
A bloke I know cannot tell his girlfriend that he's broke, a lady I know cannot tell her boyfriend that she doesn't have money to get her pads, why? Because they feel it's weird and it'd bring down their worth. Listen, your true worth to someone who truly loves you will be your inner essence, your personality, your values, not the things you have, and not a flamboyant perception of you.

Sadly these folks empower their partners to love them for the wrong reasons. If you always avoid telling your woman you are broke, therefore putting up a financially capable image, most likely she's loving an unreal you. She's loving someone you are pretending to be. Why not be real and discover if you're truly loved?

You cannot find real love or build a real and deep relationship if you ain't real. You don't need much from a partner, you need someone who'll be okay with your realness; that you have just a pair of trousers, sleep on a mat, don't know how to use cutlery, haven't flown a plane. I mean all you need is one person who will accept your ‘naked’ self. Yourself without high public perception, yourself without ego and anything to hide. This is the beauty of a relationship. Even with all these, they still treasure you like gold.

When you paint a perfect and all sweet picture about you, any love and acceptance you get is FAKE because you ain't being real either. Open up, be vulnerable. True love will accept the entirety of you. It's difficult but you see true love isn't so common, Why even date them?. It might be love, but fake love: He might be a fake lover. She might be a fake lover. A fake lover will never treat you well. The problem here is not that they don't love you, but that they can never place you first. They are so self-centered that being with them will only render you damaged. You will never have lasting happiness with them. They are the type that will cheat. They are the type that will beat you. They are the type that will have no respect for you. They are the type that lack understanding. Your life with them will be like hell on earth.
On a summary note, you don't need someone who you're gonna struggle being real with.You need someone who'll deal with the real you, leaving you with the comfort to be more real and accepting you for what you are.

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