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Sunday, 24 November 2019

Why most Relationships don't Lead to Marriage


A relationship is basically a means two adult people connect between one another. The goal of a relationship, is to add value to a person’s life and what form of relationship is valuable to us, is as tasted and deeply personal a matter, as could possibly exist.

We do not presume to tell others what foods ought to taste good to them.Likewise, we have no place in telling others what their relationships, their end goals and structure should look like.

If marriage matters to you, great.find someone that feels similarly and have a wonderful marriage. Why do you think people have relationship? Do you think situations in relationships can lead to marriages? Someone recently asked me if my girlfriend nursed the idea of we both tie the knot for ever. I answered back as honestly as I could and said: “I don’t know”. The person was amazed at my response and was expecting a definite yes or no answer. Of course, the next question was, ” what do you mean you don’t know?”

Sometimes we are faced with a difficult questions which may seem to have no cognitive answer. Why most relationships don't lead to marriage, might not be far fetched. Reason that some young couples in relationship, enter such relationships with different mind set, either to hit and run or basically selfish gain and infatuated desires.

However,every relationship is all about believing and trusting a person 100% despite you never fully know what goes on in their innermost thoughts or what they do when you are not with them and I also believe that problems in relationship should not always lead breakup.

Marriage is a social construct that means different things to different people.For you, it might be the ultimate expression of love and commitment; the bedrock of family values.individuals have their perfect definition to marriage and have a goal to what they really want.

Why are we in relationships if they will not lead to marriage? And of what achieve do people gain, some many people are suffering from crippling depression and anxiety due to uneasy relationship they are into. People should be in relationship not with the goal of marriage but for that love and it's longing and if love survives and creates that longing then marriage is inevitable and real marriage this time ,the marriage which would be a combination of two souls and which would survive all ups and downs for that longing and love which is a true love and unconditional .

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