You don't need to fight to be a man -

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Wednesday, 9 October 2019

You don't need to fight to be a man

You don't need to fight to be a man. You don't need to beat her up to prove you are a man. You also don't need to hit him to show him you are angry; or
better still, you don't need to hit him to prove to him you are a strong woman that will take no shit from him.

Fighting is a two process something. Someone has to hit someone, and the other person has to respond for there to be a fight.

Two wrongs can never get it right. When two people are blind at the same time, no-one will be left to lead the other. Beating up your partner for whatever reason presents you as a very wicked and weak person. Even criminals don't get beaten these days.
If they hit you because they are angry, they are clouded by their anger that they don't think properly, beating or hitting back only portrays you as a
stupid person.

People are dying daily from domestic violence. Some died from just common slap. The worst is that even the strongest in the fight turns out being

It is okay to get angry, but lifting your hands against your partner has no realistic explanation. If he beats
you, don't marry him. If he can't get off his anger without beating you, he will kill you one day if you marry him. Also, if she hits you, don't marry her. If she's the type that will either inflict injury on you when she's angry or will never get her mind down when angry until she gets into a physical fight with
you, don't marry her.

Love is too sweet to fight and injure each other.