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Sunday, 27 October 2019

Why Love Don't Cost A Thing

love don't cost a thing
Love is a very special integral part of life like breathing. We can't be alone for whole life.you need someone one to share daily stuff, silly things, to fight, to love.That person can be your friend,, family members.

Just imagine a life without love, a world without care. Imagine that to all desired links to a chemistry that bonds us to it. Love is thin, and very fragile. Its requires sacrifice, commitment and these thread is what connects us to what we want. You learn to love more by the the pain its cost us, this is why love don't cost a thing.
For each and every thing you wish for, you must have a means to get to it. We get everything we need when we are loved- affection, care, emotional support, physical help, admiration, appreciation. We get what makes us feel complete unlike loneliness. So we like to have what makes us feel loved.

People like to believe that there is no thread tying us to “love”. Love is beyond our control when fall deeply, that it will forever be there, and that it is infinite.Sometimes one will strive with or without the bond of love, but at the end we still roll back to the game of love.