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Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Having the right relationship

Having the right relationship

In relationship, choosing the right partner matters and having a less information doesn’t make you a lesser person. Life’s a school, and every new acquaintance is a teacher. Whatever other people know, they haven’t always known it. The greatest issue against not knowing is not learning, so see every opportunity to learn, but make sure you pick the right people.

In life, walking with people who don't share your passion for the things you’re supposed to be doing hinders and slow your abilities. Some issues can be corrected through teaching as a friend, but you can't teach somebody to care and love back, and if they don't care, they will affect your environment, ruin your productivity,and reduce you to shaft.

When relationship is built on pure stand of love, it takes greater inhuman power to be destroyed. A person that truly love you, will never let situation eat you up.when people see the value of having them by your side they will be convinced to stay. So Having the right relationship

Ignite special love without bounds, and strengthen the mind.

Why relationship fails

The society we live in has gone deeper off the deep end and the divorce rate is up, friendships are based on trade by barter, I feel people are more dysfunctional than ever before, things are different now. People are neither concern of there fellow but are quick to base thought on values. The value to honesty is a complete mirage, lies are the daily rhymes of the day and this slows trust and relationship fails

Sometimes we have to learn to be accountable for the actions we take when entering into any relationship. Opening your life to many, brings untrusted friends who’ll lead you to the wrong track. Learn to choose friends who earned the right to examine you, question you, and counsel you.

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