For how long will you continue to pretend in love? -

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Monday, 14 October 2019

For how long will you continue to pretend in love?

Pretending to be happy in marriage seems to be the secret of most successful marriages today, especially those marriages that are deeply rooted
in Christianity.

Your marriage is not working out fine, why should you keep pretending it is? Does pretending solve that problem you have? Though others will continue seeing you as a good husband or a good wife, but does that change the fact that you don't have any single happiness in your marriage? No it doesn't.

It is time you stop thinking about what others will think about you. It is time you stop pretending. What do you want? What are those things you are
missing in your marriage? Have you tried communicating it to your partner? Can you actually communicate it to your partner? If you can't, the both of you have a serious problem you need to
settle. Stop pretending. Stop acting all good. If something is not good, speak up. If something that seems the trend is not the trend for you, voice out. If you want something, ask for it. What works for Mr A must not work for Mr B. Stop trying to be like someone you are not in the name of being perfect or being good or religious. You are you and they are them. It doesn't matter even if they are your mentors.

I must add this too, no matter what, no matter how religious, no matter how prophetic, please don't marry someone you don't love. Your prayers and fasting may not always help you here. Pretending won't help you either. Some Christian marriages are not built on love, not because the Bible is against love but because some even forget or don't even consider it while choosing their religious life partner. If you marry without love, you are as good as dead. Please be guided.