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Wednesday, 30 October 2019



Early marriage could be a very sharp move but it sure has a lot of disadvantages or let's say negative effects on those that go into it. Today, we will be looking at some of these effects. These effects are as explained below:

1. Socialization: This is a very big problem in the lives of most people that go into early marriage. At this point of their lives, most of their friends are not married. Some of their friends have no experience about marriage, they end up influencing these young couples negatively. In as much as it is not advisable to dump those single friends you have before marriage, doing exactly everything you do with them before you got married could be chaotic to your marriage. The advise they give you could also be deadly to your marriage. This is why you need to be diplomatic.

2. Diplomacy: Diplomacy can sometimes be linked to age, and may sometimes not linked to age. Truth be said, at a young age, people lack enough experience to be very diplomatic. Once married at a young age, your parents, friends, and relatives will always try to look out for you, this may be to the detriment of your husband/wife. You have to be able to filter what they tell you and know those to and not to apply to your marriage. Don't be someone that can be controlled by outsiders.

3. Education: Early marriage always has a strong militating force against education, especially in the life of women. Most ladies who go into early marriage are yet to go through tertiary institution. They most times end up not going at all. Sometimes, this depends on the kind of husband they marry. Some husbands may be threatened by a woman's educational career, they may be so insecured that they will do all they can to frustrate it. They may say they will support you in your education just to make you accept them, there are higher chances that they won't. Also, going to school always with pregnancy or carrying a baby is very challenging. As for the men, after marrying at young age, they may lack the financial power to fund their education.

4. Psychological constraints: Some people who marry at a very young age are not yet psychologically ready to be called mummy and daddy. Being a parent comes with a lot of responsibility that very young people may not be mentally and physically ready to accept.

5. Finance: This is a strong determining factor that insures the success or perhaps the failure of any marriage. Finance sometimes commands commitment and respect. At a very young age, a man may not be financially buoyant to take care of his wife and kids. Marriage is more than just taking care of your wife and kids. You have to be ready for emergency expenses too. Also, a woman should be able to earn her own money too. Depending too much on the man may lead to him taking advantage of you. Women who have unrepentant cheating husbands are often those that can't earn a kobo. At a very young age, how many women can boast of being financially stable?

In conclusion, the above listed factors don't in anyway denote that early marriage is bad or unachievable. Looking at them, you should be able to know how to equip yourself. You should be able to know if marrying very early will be good for you based on the level of your achievements. You should be able to know if you are ready.
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