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Friday, 30 August 2019


A lot of singles are trying sex out to see if they are sexually compatible before heading the altar. Is that the only reason you are getting married? To have sex till you die? Is there nothing serious,  sensible,  life transforming in your head than smooching,  grabbing,  groping and "oooshing", " uuuushing" all the time? Any way,  that is by the way.

You don't need to see the size of his penis before marriage neither should you test to see or feel the tightness of her vagina before marriage,  that's disgusting! Premarital sex is disgusting! What you need is ask few questions and do a little probing,  that should give you an idea. For instance,  if she had been sexually active or had a child in her past,  you should know that place won't be the same as a virgin's! If she has never had sex,  you need to do some research on google! May you not chase the wrong vagina to your grave!

Premarital sex is dangerous! Not as cool as Hollywood makes it looks! If it were so so sweet without any consequence,  there won't be so much heart break,  heart attack, dirty stories, cheating,  infidelity, divorce,  suicide and untimely death in the movie industries.

Back to the topic above. What makes you really enjoy sex in marriage is EMOTIONAL INTIMACY,  DEEP FRIENDSHIP and OPENNESS. If those are not in place,  no matter how gigantic his penis is or how narrow and glued together her vagina is,  you won't enjoy sex. Its the reason some men married to virgins are not sexually satisfied in marriage and are seeking love making else where!

What makes you enjoy sex is emotional bonding,  how deeply you care about each other,  the respect you have for each other,  kindness,  softness,  patience, gentleness,  thoughtfulness. Being free around each other. Hiding no secret from each other. The ability to be completely opened and be yourself without shame or guilt. The deep assurance that you are loved,  needed,  wanted,  totally adored makes you want to totally love,  abandon yourself to your partner,  make love and deeply enjoy love making. That's how to enjoy sex IN MARRIAGE.

When a woman feels loved,  completely accepted,  listened to and understood,  she eagerly yields to love making,  gets very passionate and enjoys every bit of it. When a man is highly respected,  loved,  understood and cared for,  he wants to make love to his wife every now and then but when real love,  deep intimacy and openness is not in place,  frigidity,  sexual pain,  sexual frustration,  erectile dysfunction,  premature ejaculation and all sorts of sexual problems are the result.

Trying sex out before marriage is stupid! What for? Are you a sex machine? Are you a whore? Are you a sex toy? How many men do you want to submit your body to for experiment before you get married? The more you sleep around,  the more your vagina expands,  the more they dump you because no man wants to marry a woman with wide,  over used,  non elastic,  over stretched vagina,  please,  close your legs and get whole!

I pity guys who plug their thing into anything in the name of testing! How many girls do you what to have sex with in your life time? Some are going about with accursed penis! Stolen glory! Empty life because they have emptied all their usefulness into demon possessed vaginas! I heard the stories of ladies who sell sperm. You use condom and they go away with their trophy,  if it is the lady who use the condom,  same. Bye bye to your glory forever!

If you are dating someone who has been sexually active in the past,  you seriously need to pray. Some are carrying serious curses on their heads especially the ones who impregnates ladies, reject and abandon them to suffer! The curse of a pregnant woman in labour is not good my brother. Oh no!!! You don't want to experience it,  trust me! Keep your penis in your trousers and save yourself from unnecessary trouble!

There is absolutely no need testing sex before marriage. If you are compatible in other areas you will also be compatible sexually.

I and hubby never had sex throughout courtship but we were the best of friends,  gist a lot,  completely free and open around each other and sex in marriage is so hot,  passionate and super delicious!

Wait for sex in marriage, no where you are rushing to. You still have about 70 years of your life to enjoy sex, why the rush???