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Friday, 14 June 2019

Love Turn Sour

After dating him for months, she traveled and returned with an engagement ring. My friend was very very confused. The lady was like "we can still continue with what we are doing, am not yet married ".

I can remember the effort and sleepless nights this dude put to make this relationship work. Maybe he was just a side dude . It is so so difficult to find a lady with just one man these days,  especially those ones that are crazy about marriage. The fact that this lady suggested they continue even after she got an engagement ring from another dude is so disturbing.

It reminded me of this lady that was having sex with a side dude when her fiance who already paid her bride price called on phone. He was staying abroad then. Her voice kept changing as she tries to have sex with the call on, and when the fiance tried to show concern, she told him was sick, and had serious headache, that's why her voice was like that, and he agreed.

The stuff some ladies do today in the name of marriage and love is very scary. It scares me. I find it very difficult to fall in love. Am still very single. Am not dating yet or marrying yet
Babes have really gone bad.