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Friday, 7 June 2019


Your partner cheats on you, he begs you, you stayed.He beats you, he begs you, you stayed.
He keeps cheating on you and he keeps begging you and you continue to stay.He continues to abuse you verbally and physically, he keeps begging and you are still staying.
Sweetheart, it is not a sign of LOVE, it's a sign of FOOLISHNESS.

You are not in love, you are in a trap. He sees you as a woman who lacks value for herself. He doesn't want a fool for a bride. You are his pet, he will marry his trophy.The greatest love you can get after the love of Christ, is the love you give to yourself. People will treat you by the way you treat yourself.

God told men to dwell with their women according to knowledge, giving honour to her. Why do you allow a man to keep dis-honouring you this way?

If you marry a man like that, if he doesn't send you to an early grave, then you will send him to his early grave.I know you are reading the cases of deaths of married couples caused by domestic violence. It's been on the high side of late.

Don't go on a love journey without your brain. Don't suspend your brain because of a relationship. Any relationship that disrespect your feelings, is a SUICIDE MISSION.