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Monday, 27 May 2019

Why Most Relationship Fail

One of the ways to know when your relationship/marriage has gone so far to the wrong direction is when you discover that there is this person of opposite sex that you confide in more than you do to your partner/husband/wife. This could be at your working place, at school, in your church, at your business place or even online.

You spend quality time with them, you tell them everything about your relationship or marriage, you share every of your life problems with them, you feel very happy when you are with them, you compare them with your partner, you even tell them how you wish your partner will be like them.
Most cheating lifestyles started like this. You have to watch out for it. Soon, the both of you will start wanting more of each other.

Don't forget that when you started with your partner/husband/wife you wanted every bit of them, you wished nothing about you two will ever end. What is happening now? That love you once had for him or her which you think is dead is not dead. It is still lying dormant inside you. Go home and fix your relationship/marriage. Stop running around.