Suicide And Depression Not An Option -

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Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Suicide And Depression Not An Option


“Talking” that brings no solution is no remedy or help to depression. A conversation that does not speak to the root cause of the depression is a wasted time that might even exacerbate the depression.

Talking to a professional more than friends or family is a better solution. Remember that a professional does not necessarily mean one with a certificate, degree or experience in a certain field; because speaking to a judgmental clinical psychologist about a depression occasioned by unwanted pregnancy or sexual orientation and ending up being told how God has adjudged that you will go to Hell fire because of sins is NO help to depression. In fact it is best not to say a word to such so called professionals!

But as a society, we can do better by being less judgmental of others; by refraining from constantly trying to do God’s work for work by being the ultimate judge of good/bad and right/wrong.

As a society we can try to be genuinely kinder, genuinely caring and genuinely sympathetic. Telling someone depressed due to bouts of poverty “God bless you” or “God shall provide” is no way to show you can listen.

If truly we can listen, we must be able to show that we also heard; and when we hear, we have to demonstrate that we care about what we have been told by proferring genuine and practical solutions and not gaslighting the real issues. And it’s okay not to know what the solution to a problem we have been told is . . . helping the problem bearer to seek solution is also another way to show we listened and we heard. Depression kills worst than natural death.

So let’s just listen;Help and let us also hear .