Love Dies A Slow Death -

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Monday, 6 May 2019

Love Dies A Slow Death

A woman that always speaks of all her financial problems whenever she is with you may not really be in love with you. Or better still, may not be in love with you for the good reasons.

Each time she's with you, each time you want to spend time together, she talks of nothing but her financial problems, it's just like she keeps manufacturing and having different endless financial problems, and her reason for always discussing about it is synonymous to indirectly telling you to help.

One thing is very certain about women like this, they will never stay with you for too long if you are not meeting their financial needs, or better still, they can't remain faithful to a guy who isn't meeting their financial needs.
Lovers should help each other when the need arises, but their should be a clear boundary between responsibility and extortion or unnecessary liability.
Love is not an opportunity to transfer all your financial woes to someone else. Women who see love this way are one of the worst you should never remain with.