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Monday, 11 February 2019

What's your breaking point?

You don't know the value of what you have until you lose it.

She's always there for you. He's always there for you. Whenever you make a mistake or you cause a misunderstanding, they apologize just to make the relationship work. You cheat on them, they still stay with you. You refuse to call them, they call you, you refuse to pick or acknowledge their calls. You are always busy to create time for them and yet they always leave all they do to be with you. You only think about yourself, and yet all they think is you.

There is a limit to what everyone can take. Everyone has his/her own breaking point. One thing with we humans is that we keep longing for something else that we don't value what we have, but after we have left what we have and had a taste of that thing we are longing for, we discover that what we left was far better than it, and by then it might have become too late for us.

Don't wait until you lose what you have before you start cherishing it. Stop treating your partner like a trash. They might seem to be putting up with your excesses, but that may not be forever. Soon, they will get someone that will treat them a million times better than you have ever done. Then, it will be down on you that you have lost diamond while you were chasing after stones.

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