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Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Why some couples don't enjoy having sex

Sex is one of the most important features of
marriage. Sex is one of the most sweetest act
couples can ever engage in. It is okay to say that a
sexless marriage has derailed, and may be heading
to the rocks.

At the beginning of the marriage, they were so
eager to have sex, sex was one of the only things
in their mind. What changed now? Why is sex
becoming so difficult to achieve in their marriage
now? We will look at some some of these reasons
why some married couples don't have sex again or
as they should:

1. Inability to become aroused. For women, the
inability to become physically aroused during
sexual activity often involves insufficient vaginal
lubrication. This inability also may be related
to anxiety or inadequate stimulation.

2. Lack of orgasm (anorgasmia). This is the
absence of sexual climax (orgasm). It can be
caused by a woman's sexual inhibition,
inexperience, lack of knowledge, and
psychological factors such as guilt, anxiety, or
a past sexual trauma or abuse. Other factors
contributing to anorgasmia include insufficient
stimulation, certain medications, and chronic

3. Painful intercourse. Pain during intercourse
can be caused by a number of problems,
including endometriosis , a pelvic mass, ovarian
cysts , vaginitis , poor lubrication, the presence
of scar tissue from surgery, or a sexually
transmitted disease . A condition called
vaginismus is a painful, involuntary spasm of
the muscles that surround the vaginal entrance.
It may occur in women who fear that
penetration will be painful and also may stem
from a sexual phobia or from a previous
traumatic or painful experience.

4. Psychological causes. These include work-
related stress and anxiety, concern about sexual
performance, marital or relationship problems,
depression, feelings of guilt, or the effects of a
past sexual trauma.

5. Physical causes. Many physical and/or
medical conditions can cause problems with
sexual function. These conditions include
diabetes, heart disease , neurological diseases,
hormonal imbalances, menopause plus such
chronic diseases as kidney disease or liver
failure, and alcoholism or drug abuse. In
addition, the side effects of certain
medications, including some antidepressant
drugs, can affect sexual desire and function.

6. Dirtiness or presence of very bad smell. This is
one of the reasons men give for refusing to have
sex with their wives. After taking care of the kids
and performing some house chores, it might be
natural for some women to look dirty or smell
badly. Some men are dirty too for other reasons
which may be connected to work or negligence.

7. Poor performance. Sex gets better when the two
people involved have the pleasure of each other at
heart. When one person is left the job of satisfying
both parties, the problem of poor performance may
arise. This can sometimes lead to cheating.

8. Erectile dysfunction. This is mainly noticed in
males. It can be due to one or more of the above
mentioned problems.

9. Menopause. ETC
All of the above mentioned problems have
solutions. Cheating on your partner is never one of
them. Also, remaining quiet about it is one of the
worst approach which you should never take. We
will group the solutions into three:

1. Communication. This has proven to be the
solution to most marital problems. If couples lack
proper communication, they will find it very difficult
to solve most of their marital problems. If you can
tell your partner, "hey, I think we should try this, I
think we should do it this way, I don't enjoy it this
way..." It will go a long way to make things easier
for the both of you.

2. Flexibility. Communication is one thing, being
flexible is another thing. Some people voice out or
say how they think things should be so as to boost
their sex lives, but their partners are so rigid that
they can never give in to it. If you can't give in to
new ideas, you may never achieve anything sexually.
Sometimes, doing the same thing in the bedroom
becomes very boring, you must be flexible to spice
things up. Communication won't work where there
is no flexibility.

3. Seek help. After communicating with each other
and being flexible enough to accept that there is a
problem, there may be need to consult a therapist
or an expert. This expert will guide you through on
how to come out from your problem. You may not
always need an expert or a therapist. This depends
on the kind of problem that is affecting your sexual

You have every right to enjoy the sweetest sex ever
with your husband/wife. Don't marry people you
can't share their problems with them. Don't marry
people that can't share your problems with you. Try
and make your sexual life the best that had ever

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