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Monday, 15 October 2018

Who is the leader in a relationship... The man or the woman?

The bible says the man is the head of the family. The Koran thinks so too. Men always try to assume leaders in every love relationship. Women often see and accept them so. The problem is not being the leader but knowing what it means to be seen as the leader in a relationship.

Being a leader in a relationship means you are the one to make more sacrifices. You are the one to have more understanding. You are the one to work more so as to make her happy. You are the one to protect her.

Leadership in other part of life endeavors is very different from leadership in a love relationship. Leadership in a relationship is not about being bossy and giving orders around. It is not about looking for whom to submit and obey you. It is not about making decisions alone without consulting the woman. You can't achieve a successful relationship if your woman sees you as someone she must obey every of his commandments. Instead of obeying your commandments, what about respecting them?

Respect! This is very important to both parties in a relationship. At the end, it doesn't matter who is actually the leader because everyone is a leader at a particular situation. What matters more is love, respect and understanding.

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