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Monday, 29 October 2018

What happens to a marriage not built on love?

I will keep saying this: A marriage that doesn't start with love could be dead on arrival. Dead in the sense that remaining in it or trying to increase its life span will mean nothing but chaos.

Love here should be two sided. You should love her, and she should love you too. The love should be enough to make you both crazy for each other.

A person who doesn't love you can't care for you, they can't sacrifice for you, they can't love and accept your flaws, they can't love your relatives because they don't love you, they can't remain faithful to you if you have nothing, they can't endure for you, they can't have patience for you, they can't give you real joy because they themselves don't get joy from being with you. In cases where they show these above mentioned qualities or some of these qualities, they must be forcing it. This is even more dangerous. A faked or forced love is just like a time bomb that once it explodes, marks the doom of its recipient.

Don't start marriage before love, start love before marriage before love. IF THEY DON'T LOVE YOU, WHY NOT LET THEM BE?

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