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Monday, 22 October 2018

Love is all about compromises...

One of the worst kind of people one will ever get in a relationship with are those who don't want to learn.

It is one thing not to know how to do something properly. It is another thing to refuse to learn it at all even when it is very mandatory that you should. No relationship will succeed with such people involved, unless if one of the two involved continues taking the strain alone.

A person who stops learning is more or less a dead person. You can't have it all. You can't be so perfect to be able to do everything. You can't be good at doing everything. It just doesn't matter if you can do them or not. What really matters is "how eager are you to learn them?"

Love is all about making reasonable compromises, if you can't compromise to learn that which you ought to learn, your commitment can be questionable.

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