This new restaurant called spyce uses only robots to cook all its meals -

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Saturday, 28 July 2018

This new restaurant called spyce uses only robots to cook all its meals

Robots have now found their way into the kitchen and are now cooking delicious meals, no longer for the auto industry or big factories alone. In the city of Boston, United States, four graduates  Brady Knight, Michael Farid, Luke Schlueter and Kale Rogers recently launched a new fast food restaurant called Spyce and the most fascinating thing about this restaurant is that the entire kitchen staff are made of robots. Robots are the only ones taking your orders, doing the cooking and dishing the food while the human staff just smile at the customers and make them feel at home while explaining the concepts.
For just $7.50 a bowl, you can eat a variety of  meals in both Asian, Latin, Thai, Mediterranean  styles. These robots have successfully replaced human chefs with robots and they are extremely fast and efficient. The robots undertake tasks such as cooking or serving food, cleaning kitchens, collecting dirty dishes and preparing beverages.
Customers can place their orders by using the touchscreen computers and select whichever food is on the electronic menu, this order is then sent to the kitchen which is visible to the customers where the food is prepared by robots. The robots collects the ingredients from the fridge, slices the onions, vegetables, and other spices, lights up the stoves and starts cooking. Finally, it’s handed over to a human employee who garnishes it, before being distributed to the customer thereby giving them an experience that’s both high-tech and wallet-friendly.
Each meal is made to order in three minutes or less. While meals are cooked, the customer’s name appears on an electronic display above their food, showing their order. The temperature of the pots are time controlled, and the robots cook each meal consistently. Once finished,  the pots  are automatically washed using hot water jets before another collection of ingredients is dumped inside. Customers are trooping into the restaurants like ants and they are already calling the restaurant to expand their business to other cities across the country. 
The picture above shows the four founders of the company and they said the robots add efficiency and lower operating costs. They believe their new technology has allowed them to deliver incredible meals for $7.50 and serve them consistently. They’re excited to be part of the industry and grow with it.
Is this the beginning of a revolution in the fast-food industry that will see robots taking up most of the jobs meant for humans ? Let’s wait and see.

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