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Monday, 23 July 2018

Should you try again?

You broke up with them then, but now, you are feeling like going back to them. It seems like the flame between you two is burning fiercely. Should you go back to them/accept them back after that break up which you have almost forgotten why it happened? Should you try again?

Sometimes, it doesn't work for it to work; it spoils to get better; it breaks to get stronger. Try again. Everything depends on whom that person you are trying with is: like is he/she going to take advantage or keep taking advantage of you? Or how hard is he/she trying to make it work?

Also, sometimes or even most times, it is very wise to know the best time to stop trying. Like let things go. This depends on how much you have been used. How far you have been drifted from your real self/life goal. How foolishly you have sacrified. How "futureless" it is to stay with him. How hopeless it looks. How aimless the relationship was. Calculate your losses very well so you don't end up finding yourself in the place you started again.
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