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Monday, 16 July 2018

A love problem

I Met a woman recently with same sexual desire as mine. She made me forget my wife's boring sex life. I want to marry her because she is too good to be a side chick but am scared of my wife, we have two kids, she is older than me with 9 years. She controls the money too but am also working and not the lazy type.
What should I do?

My response :

The problem with we humans is that we keep craving to be in a particular place. But once we get to that place, we discover that the place we were was far better than the new place we just entered. No marriage has it all. Even the best couple in the world do have their ups and downs. Your problem is that you are your problem. You cheated and you want to take your cheating to the next level. When you notice a problem in your marriage, it is very wrong to run away. You tackle it. If you run away, you create more problems. You have to stop cheating. You don't love that new chick. Just Sex doesn't make a perfect relationship. If it is just because of sex, then it's not love. Go and fix your marriage. Fix yourself and fix your wife. If your communication with your wife is breaking, you have to start from there.

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