Zambia library warns 'half-naked' female students -

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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Zambia library warns 'half-naked' female students

Student Dikina Muzeya said male students should concentrate on reading
One of Zambia's top universities has urged female students to stop visiting the library "half-naked" because it distracts male counterparts.
The University of Zambia - in the capital, Lusaka - has stuck up notices around its library telling them to dress more modestly.
The southern African country is culturally conservative.
But students at the university tend to dress more fashionably, says the BBC's Kennedy Gondwe in Zambia.
"It has come to our attention that some female students dress half-naked as they use the library, a situation which is disturbing the male students," the notice in the library reads.
"We therefore advise the female students to dress modestly as you use university facilities. Modest is the way to go!"
'Look at books, not legs'
Some female students disagreed with the directive.
"If your mission of going to the library is to study, why should you start looking at other things like a female's legs?" third-year student Dikina Muzeya told the BBC.
"Just concentrate on your books, that's all," she said.
However, male student Killion Phiri was in favour of the move.
"You know how attractive women bodies are," he told the BBC.
"How can you concentrate on studying when someone walks in a mini-skirt or a tight dress? You'll start thinking about other things and you won't concentrate."

- bbc

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