STASI: Plus-size model Ashley Graham’s unretouched swimsuit photo campaign urges women to love their bods -

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Sunday, 6 May 2018

STASI: Plus-size model Ashley Graham’s unretouched swimsuit photo campaign urges women to love their bods

Plus-sized model Ashley Graham (c.) is promoting a body positivity campaign after releasing unretouched swimsuit photos. (Swimsuits For All)
Ashley Graham has just given me a reason to live — or at least a reason to sport a swimsuit without covering it with a shmata the size of a circus tent.
Very plus-size model Graham did the unthinkable and released a campaign for the Swimsuits for All brand without any Photoshopping of either herself, her mom who looks 15, or the other swimsuit models who have bodies like the rest of us and not like supermodel space aliens.
And hooray! These pics are not like those earth-shattering unretouched photos of Cindy Crawford, which were supposed to be so daring because they showed her cellulite. Really? I have more cellulite on my ears than she has on her whole body.
Promotional image for Graham's swimsuit line, Swimsuits For All.
Graham, on the other hand, has a lot of what makes us women: cellulite, big hips and breasts. In fact, cellulite (aka orange peel thighs), which horrible women's mags made us so ashamed of having, is actually a sign that we've got estrogen. You know, the female hormone is responsible for secondary sexual characteristics, like breasts, pubic and armpit hair, the regulation of the menstrual cycle and reproductive system.
Hey wait, aren't those some of the things we try in vain to either get rid of, overcome or regulate?
Right, and it's crazy because genetically those things come as standard equipment in order to attract men and therefore assure the continuation of the species. Instead we've been bullied into starving, shaving, pouring hot wax and then ripping it off our nethers, and gulping birth control pills like candy, (oh wait, not candy — that can make us fat).
Here's what's even more psycho about it all: Skinny alone can interrupt the menstrual cycle, which in turn can prevent pregnancy, which in turn results in millions of women seeking fertility treatments. Skinny also shrinks breasts, which causes the onslaught of big-boob implants, when in fact, a daily dose of ham and cheese on rye will keep you hefty without surgery.
Fearless Graham launched the campaign on her 30th birthday, which in real life is young, but in model years (which is roughly the equivalent of dog years), it's ancient.
Ashley Graham released unretouched swimsuit photos of her to encourage women to lover their real bodies.
Particularly great is Graham's photo with eight models all wearing the same tank suit but with totally different real bodies.
Me? I kinda think I'm shaped like the short one. Graham's bravery in giving the finger to our distorted image of female perfection is better than a day at the beach.
All good, but damn! I'd still rather eat a beach umbrella than pose in a swimsuit no matter how much of a brave new beach Graham's collection has created.
All of which leaves me asking how it's possible for us to love how these women look, and still hate how we look.
Graham's now giving us all an opportunity to rethink perfection. Her photos force us to reconsider what we consider acceptable, (skinny and smooth), which is mostly unrealistic and unattainable.

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