Ken Jeong stops stand-up show to help woman having seizure -

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Monday, 7 May 2018

Ken Jeong stops stand-up show to help woman having seizure

He's much more than an on-screen doctor.
He's much more than an on-screen doctor.
Actor Ken Jeong — the star of the sitcom "Dr. Ken" who worked as a physician in real life before making it big as a comedian — played the role of hero Saturday by coming to the aid of a woman suffering a seizure at his stand-up show in Phoenix, TMZ reported.
Jeong, 48, reportedly halted his performance at Stand Up Live and rushed into the crowd after realizing the woman, who was seated in the third row, needed medical assistance. The actor, who initially thought he was being heckled before determining something was wrong, managed to help the woman until paramedics could make it to the scene.
Another EMT who happened to be attending the show also helped the woman alongside Jeong.
The woman returned to consciousness, and even made it back onto her feet, before heading to the hospital, according to TMZ. Jeong resumed the show after the woman was taken away in an ambulance, and he reportedly earned a warm reception from the crowd for his heroics.
Ken Jeong, who is a licensed physician, starred as a medical practitioner on the sitcom “Dr. Ken.” (Ron Tom/ABC)
"It's a wonderful story. It was such perfect timing: Ken just jumped from the stage to help," audience member Heather Holmberg told USA Today.
Jeong got his M.D. in 1995 at the University of North Carolina. He worked for a hospital for several years after moving to Los Angeles after graduating.
His portrayal of the titular character on "Dr. Ken," which aired on ABC for two seasons from 2015-16, was drawn from his real-life experiences in the medical field.
In addition to that role, Jeong is known for his performance as Leslie Chow "The Hangover" movies and as Ben Chang on the NBC sitcom "Community."

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