YouTube shooter drove more than 500 miles to company she 'hated' -

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Wednesday, 4 April 2018

YouTube shooter drove more than 500 miles to company she 'hated'

Suspected YouTube shooter Nasim Aghdam drove more than 500 miles from San Diego to reach the tech giant’s San Bruno, Calif., headquarters because “she was angry,” according to her father.
Ismail Aghdam feared his daughter had a bone to pick with the video company and spent the weekend trying to reach her by phone. She never picked up and he reported her missing Monday, he told the Mercury News.
The Aghdam family soon learned she was about 25 miles from the YouTube complex when cops in the Silicon Valley hub of Mountain View found her sleeping in a car around 2 a.m. Tuesday.
Just 10 hours later, Aghdam used a semi-automatic handgun to unleash mayhem on YouTube’s San Bruno campus, wounding three people before turning the gun on herself.
She’s believed to have legally obtained the firearm used in the shooting, San Bruno Police Chief Ed Barberini told reporters early Wednesday, as relatives claim they didn’t know she even had a gun.
Nasim Aghdam posted dozens of videos on YouTube but "hated" the media company. (WWW.NASIMESABZ.COM/)
Investigators are trying to piece together what brought the suspect to a breaking point. Barberini said cops have yet to inspect Aghdam’s car, and aren’t sure if she left behind a note.
Nor is it clear if cops in Mountain View flagged her father’s concerns to YouTube before she arrived.
“We don't know exactly how communication was relayed to the local police department down there and if so, how it was transferred to wherever it needed to be transferred,” Barberini said Wednesday on ABC News’ “Good Morning America.”
Mountain View police spokeswoman Katie Nelson confirmed a woman named Nasim Aghdam was found sleeping in a car Tuesday morning, but she declined to answer questions on whether officers were made aware of her history with YouTube or if the father had warned them.
Armed law enforcement personnel exit YouTube headquarters after the shooting Tuesday. (MARCIO JOSE SANCHEZ/AP)
Later that afternoon, she started shooting up a courtyard of YouTube’s building, San Bruno police said. She shot three people, and a fourth person injured an ankle fleeing the melee.
Aghdam managed to get inside the building, where police found her dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
The four victims in the shooting were not immediately identified.
San Bruno investigators initially believed the shooting was motivated by a domestic dispute but later said there was no evidence to suggest she knew the victims or targeted them.
Nasim Aghdam took her own life after the YouTube campus shooting.  (SAN BRUNO POLICE DEPARTMENT)
After Aghdam's identity surfaced in news reports Tuesday night, her father said he knew she had been troubled by YouTube’s decision to demonetize her videos.
He said the site “stopped everything,” preventing Aghdam from making money off dozens of videos about vegan cooking tips, animal rights activism and music videos in foreign languages.
“She was always complaining that YouTube ruined her life,” Aghdam’s brother, Shahran Aghdam told reporters at the family’s Riverside County home.
Barberini, speaking Wednesday on "GMA," declined to elaborate on the exact issues Aghdam had with the online video platform.
The shooting wounded three people at the YouTube headquarters. (MARCIO JOSE SANCHEZ/AP)
"We have a pretty good idea, but we'd like to get some more information before we can definitively say exactly what that motive was," he said. "But obviously she was upset with some of the practices or policies that the company had employed."
Aghdam's brother said she had been living with their grandmother in San Diego, according to the Mercury News.
The family moved to the U.S. from Iran in 1996, the brother said.  

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