Video shows cops slamming ex-pro football player to the ground -

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Friday, 27 April 2018

Video shows cops slamming ex-pro football player to the ground

Video shows former NFL football player Desmond Marrow being restrained and slammed to the ground.(INSTAGRAM/D7AEW8R46/PPH57AMHF602W4991I18S7)
Former pro football player Desmond Marrow was slammed to the ground during a violent arrest following a road rage incident in Georgia, video released this week reveals.
The footage from December shows two Henry County, Ga., police officers, who are both white, press a handcuffed Marrow, who is black, up against a vehicle as he repeatedly says, "I’m not even fighting back!" One of the officers then picks Marrow up by one leg and kicks the other, causing him to tumble to the ground.
The 30-year-old Marrow appears to be crying as one of the officers falls on top of him.
An onlooker can be heard saying, "that’s unbelievable, man."
One of the officers then orders Marrow to "lay down."
"I didn’t even do nothing to you man," Marrow cries.
The second officer then appears to place Marrow in a chokehold, causing him to scream, "I can’t breathe."
A third officer approaches, places his hand on Marrow's chest and urges him to "settle down" while he remains in the chokehold.
Once he’s released the officer tells him to "just relax."
Marrow is pulled into an upright position and ordered to "sit up" before the video ends.
The former defensive back — who was briefly a member of the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Houston Texans and also played in the Canadian Football League — shared the video on Instagram, where he gave a detailed account of what happened from his perspective.
He accused police of knocking his teeth out, slamming him on his head and choking him out until he was unconscious.
Marrow, reached for comment Thursday, said he was charged with four felonies, two of which were dropped. He said cops offered him a multi-million-dollar payout after they learned that video of the arrest existed.
Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta also shared video and images. Their leader Sir Maejor Page wrote, "I am utterly disgusted in how HCPD handled this black man, this player did nothing that warranted him slammed, being man-handled and chocked out, especially while handcuffed."
Page added that "we want the NFL to publicly speak out and denounce police brutality."
Police in Henry County have not commented on the arrest and did not respond to multiple interview requests on Thursday and Friday.

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