Twins featured on ‘The Doctors’ found dead in suicide pact -

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Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Twins featured on ‘The Doctors’ found dead in suicide pact

Twin sisters who made headlines in 2015 for receiving groundbreaking surgery to treat their obsessive-compulsive disorder were found dead in Colorado in what authorities believe could be a suicide pact.
Amanda and Sara Eldritch, 33, were discovered Friday with fatal gunshot wounds in a vehicle parked off the side of the road near Canon City, Col., a Fremont County Sheriff's Office spokesperson told the Daily News in a media release.
"We believe it to be either a suicide pact or a homicide/suicide. It will take ballistic testing to determine," a spokesperson told The News.
The vehicle was found parked by a rest area near the Royal Gorge, a tourist attraction about a three hours' drive from their home in suburban Denver.
The sisters gained fame three years ago for being the first people in the state of Colorado to receive deep brain stimulation surgery to help ease the debilitating symptoms that accompanied their OCD.
The procedure is typically used to treat the tremors of Parkinson's patients. It involves electrode wires that are placed in the patient's brain and then wired down to two neurostimulators placed under their pectoral muscles, according to an article published by the Denver DBS Center.
"It's basically like a little cloud of electricity that just pulses through your brain constantly," Sara told "The Doctors" during a 2017 appearance on the syndicated talk show.
The twins had previously spoken about the limiting effects OCD had on their lives, noting that before the surgery, they took 10-hour long showers and would frequently rub their faces with so much hydrogen peroxide their eyebrows turned orange.
"We had a serious rubbing alcohol problem," Sara told 9News in 2016. "We could go through five bottles a day, each, and that was on our skin."
They were also unable to hold jobs, attend school, or go see a movie, their mother Kathy Worland told the Denver DBS Center.
The surgery helped ease much of the twins' anxiety, they said, though certain fears — like public restrooms — lingered.
Amanda and Sara told 9News they had been contemplating suicide since the age of 13, but that things were finally looking up post-procedure.
"We actually leave the house, we have friends, we go to concerts, we do things," Amanda said. "We have a future.

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