Top 5 Characteristics Of Men Woman Should Not Consider For Marriage - Miss Cokie -

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Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Top 5 Characteristics Of Men Woman Should Not Consider For Marriage - Miss Cokie

Men can be so egocentric and most times self centred, without considering if their body language, style and general lifestyle is affecting them.

I'm Miss Cokie , and here are Top5 characteristics of men, a woman should not consider for marriage:

1. Over Sabi : This kind of guys won't give you a breathing space, because they will presume that you're dull and unintelligent, even when you're way brilliant and smarter than him.

2. Over Protective Men : This kind of guys can kill for your sake, in the name of protecting my baby.  . The most annoying part is that, you don't have any privacy, because they will go through your mail, chats and text messages while you're sleeping.. That's a female thing 

3. Over Jealous Men : Have you ever heard of the word, Nah jealousy go later kill you? , YES!, That was created because of them. This set of men, can get jealous over a 5years old baby smiling at you. They can easily get really angry and do nasty things.

4. No Future Ambission Men : Baby please give me little time, we will scale through!, after 15years of dating and endless abortions  .. Procrastination is very bad, especially when a man is showing you signs of a chronic procrastinator...

5. A Man Who Does Not Support You & Your Career : This set of men, will criticise your work, your skills, your life, your social life, your parents and even your next life. They don't want you to be ahead of them socially, financially, academically and mentally, so they rather device various strategies to keep you down and locked up.

Here you have it  . please let us learn to value each other, in respective of our gender, tribe, and religious differences... Happy Esther! , although it came in late. 

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