Prince Gwamnishu Harrison allegedly defrauds Facebook users of N7million -

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Saturday, 14 April 2018

Prince Gwamnishu Harrison allegedly defrauds Facebook users of N7million

A Nigerian Facebook user, Mr Prince Gwamnishu Harrison has been exposed after he allegedly defrauded Nigerian Facebook users and made millions of Naira for himself.

Prince Gwamnishu Harrison had reportedly deceived scores of unsuspecting Nigerian Facebook users into raising millions for him after he said he had a kidney disease and urgently needed a kidney transplant.
The controversy began 30th of March, 2018 when Prince Gwamnishu Harrison announced he had been diagnosed of a kidney disease and needed N7million to have a transplant surgery.
According to Prince, he had a kidney problem and urgently needed to go for a transplant in India as he had been managing it for months till 2 days before that day when it became worse.
Prince Gwamnishu Harrison specified that he needed N7million for the kidney transplant in India.
The post he made on Facebook which also had his account number, touched unsuspecting members of the public and they immediately started making donations to Prince Gwamnishu Harrison’s bank account.
Again, because Prince Gwamnishu Harrison was popular and known as an ‘activist’ on Facebook, some Facebook influencers joined his campaign and helped solicit funds for him.
Not until Prince Gwamnishu Harrison was offered an opportunity to run a test to really confirm his need for the transplant and he was asked to provide previous medical reports and he refused, did his story become suspicious.
Few days later, the truth that it was all fake emerged as those who claimed Prince Gwamnishu Harrison duped them came out to reveal his dealings.
It was claimed Prince Gwamnishu Harrison came up with the kidney disease and urgent transplant to dupe Nigerians on Facebook.
The true amount he got from the Facebook donations isn’t public knowledge at the moment.
Mr Prince Gwamnishu Harrison on Thursday Night, an Apology and admittance of guilt was the last Post of his wall .
For the past weeks, I have been a subjected matter of intense criticism, condemnation and attacks from friends, foes and online community.
The issues that generated this attacks on my person came from a seemingly ignorant claim I made regarding my health status. I had made claims that I was suffering from end stage kidney failure.
My claims was from the limit of my ignorance about medical matters. I was indeed diagnosed with a kidney infection. In my panic and complete hysteria, I concluded I was dying and that my kidney was packing up. I have lived my life so far on social media. The bulk of my friends are on social media. Out of fear and desperation for help, I cried out to my friends on social media.
My claims may have been exaggerated. But as at the time I was making the claims, I had in all sincerity believed in the correctness of my claims. I am NOT a fraudster. I apologise to all my fans, supporters and friends for my error of judgement.
Everyone makes mistakes in life. I have made mine. But I do not want to continue to pay for them for the rest of my lives.
Sometimes good people make bad choices, but that doesn’t mean they’re bad people. It just means they are human…!

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