Mother set on fire by boyfriend to testify from beyond the grave -

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Sunday, 15 April 2018

Mother set on fire by boyfriend to testify from beyond the grave

An Ohio mother of two who was set aflame by her estranged boyfriend will be allowed to testify in his murder trial from beyond the grave.
Judge Guy Reece on Friday ruled the jury will hear the nearly two-hour taped deposition, recorded by Judy Malinowski from her hospital bed before her passing in August 2017, NBC 4 reported.
The 33-year-old died nearly two years after Michael Slager covered her in gasoline and then set her on fire outside an Ohio gas station in June 2015.
Malinowski suffered third and fourth degree burns on about 90% of her body and endured 52 surgeries in wake of the brutal attack.
“Judy fought to tell her story,” her mother, Bonnie Bowes told NBC. “I think it’s the first step toward what her legacy should and will be.”
Despite her extreme injuries, Bowes emphasized her daughter was aware and strong enough to truthfully recount Slager’s attack.
Judy Malinowski was set on fire by her ex-boyfriend, Michael Slager, after a fight at a gas station in August 2015. (WSYX/WTTE)
“She was extremely frail and she was burned, but yet could very clearly articulate what happened, where she was, fear, everything that you would expect,” Bowes continued.
“I’m so proud of her and I know one day I’ll see her, although my heart will be forever broken without her.”
Reece’s decision to screen the pre-recorded testimony is a first in Ohio, according to the news station, and was met with significant push-back from the defense.
Slager’s attorney argued the footage was obtained improperly and that it violated the suspect's right to confrontation.
Reece disagreed on the grounds that the case is unprecedented.
Michael Slager was sentenced to 11 years in prison for felonious assault and aggravated arson in December 2016. (FRANKLIN COUNTY COMMON COURT)
Slager has previously admitted to pouring gasoline on his estranged girlfriend during a tense 2015 argument — though he has long maintained that he accidentally started the fire while lighting a cigarette for Malinowski, according to the Columbus Dispatch.
The 42-year-old in December 2016 pleaded no contest to charges of felonious assault, aggravated arson and possession of criminal tools and was handed the maximum sentence of 11 years.
But after Malinowski succumbed to her injuries from the attack, a county grand jury returned a death-penalty indictment against Slager for aggravated murder.
Jury selection for the trial is slated to begin July 6.

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