Man outs his brother as a hoarder in legal fight for brownstone -

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Friday, 6 April 2018

Man outs his brother as a hoarder in legal fight for brownstone

Court exhibit photos show the inside of an Upper West Side brownstone on W. 83rd Street owned by Andrew Lindsay Cohen, who has filed a suit against his brother, James, for wrongly claiming majority ownership of the home. (COURT EXHIBIT)
Two brothers’ legal battle over an Upper West Side brownstone has revealed that the structure is a dangerous rat- and mold-infested home completely filled with junk.
Andrew Lindsay Cohen alleged in a suit filed Thursday in Manhattan Supreme Court that his brother, James, was wrongly claiming majority ownership of the brownstone at 35 W. 83rd St. that they both inherited.
James has lived there since 2011 and not paid rent or the mortgage on the home only a half-block from Central Park, Andrew says.
Even worse, James is a hoarder, his brother says.
“James has allowed papers, garbage, old possessions, boxes, other filth and detritus to accumulate to the point that certain rooms cannot even be physically entered. Mold, believed to toxic, has grown on numerous surfaces.
“Moreover, there is ample visible evidence of rats, mice and other vermin being in the house. The situation has gotten to the point where the property is no longer safe to enter and is almost uninhabitable,” papers read.
Another room in the home completely filled with junk.(COURT EXHIBIT)
The suit included photos taking during a private inspector’s visit on March 29. No surface was clean. A desktop computer and television were completely surrounded by papers and other junk.
The inspector reported that the interior of the brownstone was a chilly 52 degrees.
The suit indicated that James claimed his stake in the home after not receiving a $1 million inheritance.
The brownstone is estimated to be worth $10 million on the real estate site Zillow.

- ny news 

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