Man arrested with cache of weapons after threatening N.Y. school -

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Monday, 16 April 2018

Man arrested with cache of weapons after threatening N.Y. school

Robert Csak, 32, was arrested and charged with numerous counts of criminal weapon possession after he left a threatening message at his old school in Rockland County. (SUFFOLK COUNTY POLICE)
A Long Island man with a 16-year grudge against his former high school was found with a stockpile of weapons, including a bump stock similar to the one used during last year’s mass shooting in Las Vegas, police said.
Robert Csak, 32, attended the Summit School in Upper Nyack in 2002, when he was a teenager, and on Saturday, he left a half-dozen voicemail messages for one of the school’s employees.
That alarmed school officials enough to contact police, leading to a check on his Lindenhurst apartment that uncovered the mini armory, Suffolk County Police Chief of Department Stuart Cameron said.
“The apartment was described to me as very sparsely furnished, with a mattress, a plastic table, a plastic chair and the arsenal of weapons that you see before me,” Cameron said.
Csak’s landlord let cops in, and they spotted a tactical shotgun, a crossbow, an assault weapon, night-vision goggles and high-capacity magazines, police said.
Police got a search warrant and found even more guns — 19 in total. The stash included a silencer, more than 200 high-capacity magazines, a Tommy gun, bulletproof vests, gas masks, knives and collapsible “asp” batons.
“Among these weapons are nine guns that are illegal assault weapons,” Cameron told reporters Sunday. “One of these assault rifles had what’s referred to as a bump stock, which gained a lot of notoriety during the Las Vegas shooting.”
Csak wasn't home, but police said they found him in West Babylon at about 9:30 p.m. and arrested him.
A bump stock can be attached to the back of a semi-automatic rifle to absorb recoil and let the weapon fire continuously.
Gunman Stephen Paddock used one on Oct. 1 to rain bullets on a country music festival, killing 58 people and wounding or injuring 851 more.
Suffolk County Police Chief Stuart Cameron holds up a bump stock gun seized in the raid on Csak's home on April 15, 2018. (JAMES CARBONE/NEWSDAY)
On Saturday, Csak called a “specific school employee” at the Summit School, where he once was a student, Cameron said.
“From every indication that we had now, he felt slighted by this individual from an encounter back in 2002 and was carrying a grudge,” Cameron said.
Police traced the caller ID and checked school records, confirming he was the caller, cops said.
Csak left the messages for a 45-year-old man working at the school, Clarkstown police said.
“Although the messages were accidently erased, the staff member who had heard the messages relayed to the officer that he was concerned for the safety of the students and staff and also questioned the well-being of the caller,” Clarkstown police officials said in a statement Sunday.
Officials at the Summit School, which runs a residential program for students with emotional and behavioral problems, did not return a message seeking comment Sunday night.
Csak fell on tough financial times — court records show he declared Chapter 7 bankruptcy in December 2016 to get relief from $16,000 in credit card debt and utility bills. His filings show his only source of income was about $1,070 in Social Security benefits and $900 a month from his dad.
Csak is charged with numerous counts of criminal weapon possession. He was awaiting arraignment, scheduled for Monday, at Suffolk County District Court in Central Islip.

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