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Friday, 6 April 2018

Lorde apologizes for Whitney Houston bathtub photo

Lorde’s Instagram post late Thursday drew unfortunate comparisons to Whitney Houston’s death.(DIA DIPASUPIL/GETTY IMAGES)
Whitney Houston fans may not always love Lorde.
The New Zealand-born pop star posted then quickly deleted a tone-deaf Instagram photo of her bathtub Thursday.
“And iiii will always love you,” she captioned the image, a clear reference to Houston’s iconic song, originally recorded by Dolly Parton.
In 2012, Houston was found dead at the Beverly Hilton hotel after drowning in the bathtub. An autopsy ruled that she had drowned and that “heart disease and cocaine use” contributed to the 48-year-old singer’s death.
Three years later, her daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, spent six months in a coma after being found face down in a bathtub at home in Georgia. She died in hospice care in July 2015 at just 22 years old.
Lorde. Honey. This is.... really really bad. pic.twitter.com/yBFctxDWRk
— Slendermommy (@molls) April 6, 2018
An hour after she posted her bathtub photo, Lorde deleted the image and issued an apology.
“Extremely extremely poorly chosen quote,” she wrote in an Instagram story. “I'm so sorry for offending anyone — I hadn't even put this together I was just excited to take a bath. I'm an idiot. Love Whitney forever and ever. Sorry again.”
While fans argued over whether the caption was a pointed insult or a simple mistake, others realized that the deletion probably took so long because the “Green Light” singer was relaxing in the tub.
“The funniest thing is how everybody is in Lorde's comment section like ‘SIS DELETE THIS NOO’ and she's probably in her bathtub, no f--king clue what's going, having the time of her life,” one person tweeted.
lorde’s manager to her bathroom door pic.twitter.com/tIONMNsuvh
— luke (@HausOfLucas) April 6, 2018
Lorde relaxing in her tub not knowing her entire comment section telling her to delete omg
— jake (@lawronofsky) April 6, 2018
Y'all. Lorde just made a Whitney Houston bathtub joke. I would say cancel her, but canceled folks just end up being more successful in the long run.
— tyrese sanders (@tysandsnyc) April 6, 2018
Lorde had to have known that by drawing a bath full of water, taking a picture it, and then using one of Whitney's songs as a caption that people would get and suspect that she was being shady. It's quite obvious. Maybe she didn't mean it but still.
— 🥀 (@MJFinesseLover) April 6, 2018
Lorde after she's done bathing and seeing all these comments telling her to delete her post pic.twitter.com/w7p90STBId
— Jesusa Del Rey (@apurposefulfag) April 6, 2018
don't think there's anything sadder than lorde being excited to take a bath on her day off, just to have the entire internet come after her for a short period of time because she used the wrong quote for the wrong occasion
— Brett Werner (@bluefIickerbeat) April 6, 2018

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