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Friday, 13 April 2018

Karl Lagerfeld says models who feel harassed should be nuns

German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld had some controversial remarks about #MeToo. (VALERY HACHE/AFP/GETTY IMAGES)
Karl Lagerfeld disparaged the #MeToo movement and said in not so many words that models are asking for it.
"If you don't want your pants pulled about, don't become a model! Join a nunnery, there'll always be a place for you in the convent. They're recruiting even!" Lagerfeld said in response to accusations that Interview magazine creative director Karl Templer tried to pull a woman's pants down.
Lagerfeld, 84, is well-known for making outrageous statements — but the latest #MeToo comments are up there as the most shocking.
He said that he is "fed up" with the movement, according to a translation of the Numéro Magazine interview.
"What shocks me most in all of this are the starlets who have taken 20 years to remember what happened. Not to mention the fact there are no prosecution witnesses," Lagerfeld told Numéro. "All their accusations of harassment they have become quite toxic.
Lagerfeld, who is head creative director of Chanel and Fendi and runs his own eponymous fashion label, also said that the accusations being made by models are holding back designers from doing their jobs.
"I read somewhere that now you must ask a model if she is comfortable with posing. It's simply too much, from now on, as a designer, you can't do anything," he said, according to People.
His comments come after several men in the fashion industry have been accused of inappropriate behavior, including famed photographer Terry Richardson being accused of rape and assault.
Photographers Mario Testino and Bruce Weber were also accused of harassment by dozens of models — and popular model Kate Upton recently called out Guess founder Paul Marciano for "sexually and emotionally harassing women."
The countless scandals, both in fashion, entertainment and beyond, were apparently not enough to garner Lagerfeld's support.

Lagerfeld previously came under fire for saying no one wants to see curvy women on the runway —and also was chastised for slamming German Chancellor Angela Merkel for taking in more refugees. He also blamed Kim Kardashian for being robbed at gun point, saying she brought it upon herself for flaunting her wealth. 

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