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Saturday, 28 April 2018

I Met My Husband When I Was A Sex Slave – Nigerian Lady

Most people are aware of the sex trade of Nigerian ladies in Italy but not everyone is of the know that the victims are subject to intense physical and emotional abuse, working up to 20 hours a day under the watchful eye of their pimp or madam, or of a fellow forced sex worker.

A Nigerian woman identified as Princess has made some shocking revelations as to how she met her husband of 13years in one of the most bizzare incidences

Princess, a beautiful mother of one while speaking on Australia’s SBS Dateline revealed that she met her husband when she was a sex slave in Italy

According to her, in her search for greener pastures, she had been lured to Italy under the false pretense of receiving a well-paid job and better life but was forced to sleep with five to fifteen men daily.
Upon being trapped by smugglers and pimps, forced to repay a crippling debt after fleeing from her home in Nigeria, and ending up living on the streets in Asti, she was forced to perform oral sex on men for $6 and as little as $19 for intercourse, noting that her hopes of getting freed one day was nearly impossible.

Speaking on her first time on the street, she said;

    “It was terrible and dangerous work because most of the time, I met people that were bad people that they will kill us, you know? They kill girls for fun.

    The first night was a nightmare and I was so afraid of entering people’s cars, I was crying throughout the night.”

Princess further disclosed that her life took a major turn 18 years ago after she met a client, Alberto, who after their first meeting, started dating her secretly and saving money to settle her debts and free her from slavery and later became her husband

Princess has rescued over 250 girls so far and is now taking on the Nigerian mafia in a bid to help other victims of trafficking.

Speaking also, Princess’ husband, Alberto, disagreed that most of the girls are not aware of what they are coming to do in Europe and insisted that most of them know they are coming to be a prostitute but mistakenly glamorise it.

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