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Friday, 13 April 2018

“I can’t Marry a Lady whose Only Goal is to Get Married” – Nigerian Blogger, Promise Excel says, Nigerians attack him

Popular Nigerian Blogger and Digital strategist, Promise Excel has said that he hates and never plans to marry a lady whose only goal is to get married, according to him Industrious women  are what is invoke.
See what he wrote below:
I cringe when a bunch of young women gather and all they talk about is getting married.

Finding love…


I can’t marry a woman whose only goal in life is to marry.

That’s too small an ambition. Such pettiness!

Woman, you were not put in this world to marry and bear children.

There’s got to be more!

Marriage should not even be a prayer point. Women should not even fast to meet Mr Right.

It’s a waste of energy! There are so many problems in the world and a woman not marrying should not be part of it.

You will eventually get tired of this thing called marriage and wish you were single.

When you get bored with living in the same house, seeing the same man and cooking the same food and washing the same dirty clothes, what would become of your life?

Marriage is part of your purpose, it is not your purpose in life.

Nothing is wrong with you if you’re not married at the age of 30 yet.

Nobody ever receives and award for being married. Or do they?

All the money spent on organizing single seminars could be used to empower young girls for the future.

And all the tired conversation in these seminars would be around being nice, humble, beautiful and good-looking to attract the right man.

It’s depressing that a woman will be preparing all her life to marry, cook, wash and bear children for one proud, reckless and stupid man.

I just don’t get it why a girl’s education and training should only prepare her for marriage.

Marriage is a beautiful thing! I know 

Young women should aspire to be more than being good wives and mothers.

There’s so much more you can be!

You are not made for the kitchen and z oza room.

You have so much power in you that you can be all that you want.

You can have it all.

Don’t pray to be less successful so you don’t scare away men.

Such smallness! Such insult to the one who created you to multiply and subdue.

You can be, do and have more than you already have.

You are a phenomenal woman!

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