Husband gets 29 years for decapitating wife, two dogs -

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Saturday, 7 April 2018

Husband gets 29 years for decapitating wife, two dogs

An Arizona man who pleaded guilty to decapitating his wife and their two dogs received a 29-year prison sentence on Friday.
Kenneth Wakefield apologized through tears to Trina Heisch's family in Maricopa County Superior Court.
Kenneth Wakefield was sentenced to 29 years in prison on Friday. (MARICOPA COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE)
"I just wanted to say I’m sorry," he said, according to the Arizona Republic. "I can’t change it. I suffer also. She was my best friend."
He received 25 years for the murder, and two years for each of the dog attacks.
Wakefield, who has a history of mental illness, said he was "trying to get the evil out" of Heisch when he beheaded her in the summer of 2015 in Phoenix, according to authorities. After the brutal attacks, Wakefield mutilated his own body by slicing off his own forearm and gouging out his own eye.
He was high on synthetic marijuana and meth on the day of the attack.
"They say it gets easier, but it doesn't," the victim's mother Peggy Stowe said in court, accroding to the Arizona Republic. "I cry every night."
Stowe said that she is never sure what to say when people ask her how many children she has. Judge Ronda Fisk said, "I think she will always be your daughter, whether she is with us or not," according to the Republic.
Wakefield had pleaded guilty to murder and other charges earlier this year. The plea deal recommended a 29-year term, and a judge made it official on Friday morning.
Wakefield and Heisch met while they were each serving 10-year sentences in a state mental hospital for stabbing relatives. They both were found to be "guilty, except insane" on an attempted murder charge in the stabbing of relatives.
He had sought an insanity defense in his wife's death.
Trina Heisch was found decapitated along with two mutilated dogs.(FACEBOOK)

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