How One Single High School Produced The CEOs Of Microsoft, Adobe & MasterCard -

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Tuesday, 3 April 2018

How One Single High School Produced The CEOs Of Microsoft, Adobe & MasterCard

According to the writer, if you're looking to raise one of the most powerful business leaders in the world, you might want to send your kid to Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet, in India.

In an interview with Stephen Dubner on an episode of the "Freakonomics" podcast, Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella said;
not only did he attend the high school, but so did Shantanu Narayen, the CEO of Adobe, and Ajay Banga, the CEO of Mastercard.

Hyderabad Public School is what Americans would consider a private school - though in India, like England, such schools are called public schools.

According to Hyderabad Public School's website, it was established in 1923 as a school for the sons of aristocrats, modeled after Eton College in London. Last year, it was ranked one of the top 10 schools in India.

The school is in Hyderabad, the southern Indian city that has become a tech hub. Since 1990, Hyderabad has been home to the headquarters of Microsoft India.

"Attending the HPS was the best break I had in my life," Nadella said when he visited the school last year, according to The Hindu.

Nadella played cricket at the school, and he has spoken before about how the sport influenced his career. In a recent interview at Wharton Business School, Nadella said he learned from his high-school cricket coach how to walk the line "between having confidence in your own capability yet having the ability to learn."

Nadella also met his wife, Anupama Nadella, at Hyderabad Public School.

The school's core values, according to its website, include "strong self-esteem" and "tolerance and respect for others." The school motto? "Be vigilant."

The website says: "These words exhort young students to be mentally alert, physically ready to take up the challenges that life has to offer."

Source: Business Insider

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