Former Waffle House CEO’s sex tape played in case against ex-maid -

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Thursday, 5 April 2018

Former Waffle House CEO’s sex tape played in case against ex-maid

A Georgia jury was forced to watch a former CEO of the Waffle House chain have sex with a housekeeper who has accused him of sexual harassment.
Joe Rogers, Jr., wept in court Wednesday while listening to his encounter with Mye Brindle — his former maid who is charged with colluding with her lawyers to secretly capture the tryst and extort millions out of him.
Rogers, who’s still chairman of the Georgia-based restaurant chain, testified for the better part of Wednesday in a bitter case stretching back to 2012, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported.
Jurors first heard audio of the pair having sex, followed by a video of the encounter.
The businessman chewed on his fingernails as the jury watched him and Brindle have sex over several minutes, the newspaper reported.
He had described the encounter as a normal one — which they’d had many times over almost a decade.
Joe Rogers Jr. chomped on his finger nails as the jury watched a secret recording of him and the former housekeeper. (WSB-TV 2)
Fulton County, Ga., prosecutors accused Brindle along with attorneys John Butters and David Cohen, of secretly recording the tape to blackmail the breakfast food bigwig.
The three were indicted in June 2016 on eavesdropping, unlawful conspiracy to commit eavesdropping and conspiring to extort Rogers out of millions of dollars.
Just four months earlier, he filed a civil suit against Brindle over the secret recording.
Brindles lawyers in her criminal case have argued she was allowed to covertly make the recording because it supported her claim Rogers forced her into sexual acts, the Journal Constitution reported.
She’d previously sued Rogers for sexual harassment in 2012, but the businessman maintained the affair was consensual.

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