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Friday, 27 April 2018

Florida officer begs community to ‘stop shooting’ police after deputies were killed in Chinese restaurant

Police look up as a helicopter flies overhead outside of Ace China after a shooting in Trenton, Fla., Thursday, April 19, 2018. (Lauren Bacho/AP)
A Gilchrist County police officer begged the community to stop shooting members of law enforcement after two Florida deputies were gunned down while sharing a meal at a Chinese restaurant.
"Please stop shooting. Please give the officers responding a chance to help you," Lt. Scott Tummond said Friday morning, his voice wavering with emotion.
"We know that just by showing up, there is a risk, but we have expect to have a chance. Do not shoot us before we can make the difference for you."
His remarks came during an emotional press conference Friday morning during which authorities discussed the few details they've uncovered on suspect John Hubert Highnote.
"I am only going to speak about this person one last time, then send him back into obscurity where he came from and, frankly, belongs," Sheriff Bobby Schultz said.
Police said the 59-year-old walked into Ace China restaurant on April 19 around 3 p.m., where he ambushed Sgt. Noel Ramirez, 29, and deputy Taylor Lindsey, 25.
Both deputies died at the scene and the gunman was found dead in his car from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
"They were simply assassinated while having a meal," Schultz said.
"I'm mad. Gilchrist County is mad. The vast majority of the United States are mad."
Sgt. Noel Ramirez (l.), 30, and deputy Taylor Lindsay (r.), 25, were killed by a gunman outside of a Chinese restaurant in Trenton, Fla. (Gilchrist County Sheriff’s Office)
Authorities described Highnote as a balding and overweight white man with white hair and a beard. He had no social media and the only photo they have of him is his driver's license, which they cannot release.
Neighbors said they rarely saw Highnote. When interviewed by detectives, most were unable to describe his appearance. They told investigators he was a "recluse" and "a loner."
Schultz also confirmed Highnote went to a Newberry business where he had worked two years ago before carrying out the attack on the Chinese restaurant in Trenton.
"We do not know his intent in going there, but as employers approached him, as cowards like him often do, he fled before being reached," Schultz said. "He left his home with the intent to kill people. He had two rifles, a handgun and ample ammunition for each weapon."
Highnote had no criminal record, though he did have a long list of traffic offenses over the last several decades. Schultz said they did not indicate he would be capable of any future violence and they occurred so far apart that they had not been linked.
The sheriff noted the motive remains unclear, though "no motive will ever be enough" for the families and loved ones of the slain officers, he said.
"Don't glorify him," Schultz concluded. "Two of America's finest cops gave their all. That's what they did. That's what they need to be remembered for."

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