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Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Check out The Characteristics of a Good and Decent Hotel

Quite rightly, when guests book a hotel, they expect to receive a service that is equal to the money they are paying. However, this is not always the case. 

Jumia Travel shares some characteristics of a good and decent hotel.

Staff offer warm service
A good hotel exudes the warmth of the staff, not because they have paid to be hospitable but because guests are treated the way they should be, from little things like offering things they anticipate you will need and not because you asked for them.

Staff provide honest information
Hotel staff are among the most knowledgeable about local information, They tell you which local destinations you should visit or avoid as well as insider information on the best places to visit.

Guests feel at home
Many hotels claim to be 'home away from home' but do not practice it in reality, Those who do, unfortunately, are going to charge a fortune for such experience. Indeed, there is no place like home.

They are located at convenient places
Whether it is a budget or luxury hotel, the hotel must be located in a convenient and safe place. This is because hotels with great location save time, money and make it possible to do a whole lot of things outside your hotel such as explore tourist destinations and use the ATM.

They are clean and orderly
Good hotels are clean hotels. From dining halls to washrooms, hotels that exude positive characteristics must have taken care of this. At the same time, cleaning staff are not forced to clean rooms quickly.

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