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Monday, 23 April 2018

A love problem

Please don't disclose my identity, Caesar.

I have been dating this 24-year-old lady for about a year now. She have been living alone. Things had been going smoothly until her elder sister came to live with her. Before now, I once visited her parents and they accepted me warmly. This lady sometimes spend the night in my house. I must mention too, there was a time she was very sick, I took her to the hospital, got her diagnosed and treated of a very serious ailment.

The problem started with her sister's sudden change of attitude towards me. She went and confused their parents, telling them that I took my girlfriend for an abortion that the said treatment I was claiming was false. Her father later  called and threatened me to stay clear from his daughter. All these started after the said elder sister discovered she sometimes spend the night in my place. The worst is that neither the parents nor the said sister care of how she eats, dresses, and survives, I take care of her financially. Please Caesar, I am confused, I am considering to quit, but my girlfriend keeps begging, she is getting lin already. Her parents are from Arondizogwu, a place know for diabolic charms. I need your advice.

My response :

I don't see what the lady did that should warrant to dropping her. Rather, I think you made a mistake somewhere. I will point it out for you. Here is Nigeria. At least, you should know that allowing her to spend the night in your house while she is living with her senior sister, might not go well with her family. Not every Nigerian family will be happy with that. You should have calculated properly to know if her sister would be in support of her spending the night in your house since you told me that before they knew about it, they were very supportive of your relationship with her.

Now, you have the test result from the treatment to prove it wasn't an abortion. Let your girlfriend stop spending the night in your house, at least not now that she is living with her sister. If you can pretend not to be together for a while while you are together, that will be cool - just give her elder sister some break, let's say a month or two. I don't see your problem with her parents as something that can't be solved. The elder sister can put things together again for you. Now, after you have given her some break, go to her and talk with her. You can take the test result with you. You can even take her to the hospital where your girlfriend was treated too if she wishes to be taken there.

You can always spend a lot of time with your woman without her spending the night in your house. She is still dependent for now, so you have to play by the rule. Don't give up on her. Fight for your love.

Thanks for sharing with us.

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