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Monday, 4 December 2017


One of the factors that determines how stable, stress-free, responsible, honest, sincere, and mature your relationship could be is 'how you handle MONEY issues'.

In most cases, lovers borrow money from their partners and either feel reluctant to pay back, or never pay back at all - This, though may seem common, or light, amounts to selfishness and insincerity.

They borrowed that money to give it to you; that money was meant to be their school fees; that money might be the only thing left in their account; it might be meant for their medicals; it might be another person's money; it might be a loan; it could be a money sent into their account to solve a pressing family problem. Don't you think it is wicked to refuse to pay back? Don't you think it is dishonest to be reluctant to pay back just because you are in a relationship with them?

It is an act of dishonesty to be a liability to someone you're in a relationship with as a result of your selfishness and insincerity. You needed the money, and they went extra miles to get it for you because they love you, because they trust you, because they see you as their own - they believe in you. Don't allow your love for them to be a stress or liability to them.
You don't need to keep pretending to forget, waiting until they ask for it. Pay them back as fast as you can. It shows you're responsible, it shows you've their interest at heart - it shows you're sincere and honest - being sincere is different from being truthful. Be a man or woman one can trust without pain.

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